Sunday, August 29, 2010


Now don’t go saying that we already have Krisshhhsshshh (or whatever the spelling is). I am talking about a superhero for REAL. One that gives justice to the deserving, hope to the distraught, love to the despondent and entertainment to the bored. Fighting crime has always been an uphill task, one which we were never very good at. In pressing times like these, this superhero is a godsend, who pledges to be the guardian of justice.

She calls herself (yes it’s a “she”), Supergirl*. Rings a bell? No? Well, it’s none other than our Indianised version of a mix between Paris Hilton and a straight Lindsey Lohan, Rakhi Sawant. Not new to the concept of reality television (who can forget the whole swayamvar drama), she is back and with such a bang that it makes me want to bang my head to the wall. The show is called “‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf… Dil se” (Rakhi’s justice) and she is out to give justice from her dil (heart). Well, at least they got that part right coz dimaag (brain) is not really an option.

The medium for this weapon of mass destruction is NDTV-Imagine again, who seem to take a liking to such insipid pabulum. I was channel surfing and all of a sudden I froze. I couldn’t see much, thanks to her pink fluorescent lipstick which blinded me but I wish I had gone deaf too. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and I heard what I shouldn't have. Rakhi Sawant is going to dole out justice? And with that Indian television has officially stooped down to its lowest level. Was this a joke? I needed to find out.

I managed to gouge out an interview in which she talks about her new show. I am jobless after all, so don’t give me that look. If you feel sorry for me, donations in kind and cash, are welcome. On being asked the reason behind doing this show, she says “People assume that I am very funny, well I am not like that. One cannot show his pain in public”. Now there are gender issues too? Looks more like grammar issues so I’ll give her the benefit of doubt. I’m not so insensitive. She adds, “Since my childhood I have seen many sins happening in front of me, I have tolerated many things in my life, which has made me so strong that today I can fight any thing that comes my way”. That is really something to admire but who will save us from this sin that you are going to commit? 

So will we be seeing a sobered down Rakhi dressed in a more judge-like manner? She has it all sorted out.  “I will be either wearing my hot dresses or sarees. It all depends on the nature of the case. I will be personally researching on the cases, and decide my costume according”. ROFLMAO! Rakhi Sawant, you are truly a proof that God has a sense of humour.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Rakhi Sawant and this article is based on assumptions about her, which I strongly disagree with. I love you Rakhi and I would love to be a part of your Swayamwar season 2.

Oh and I am no way involved with the promotion of the show. Consider this a warning.

*Supergirl is a song Rakhi Sawant sang.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


A lot of my friends who have gone through my previous blog posts have a common complaint. Why do I choose morose and serious topics for my blogs? They say, “It’s just not you. You’re the funny guy”. This is for you. A lot of you must have seen this ad before, but I request you to observe it more closely to understand what I am talking about.

As Indians, we all know who Big B is. Some of us might not know who our president is or why we celebrate the republic day (one gentleman thought it was because India won the world cup in 1983) but this everybody knows. Then what is the Big C? It’s CRAZY!

Big B has gone Crazy! Before you close my blog or send me a hate mail, read on. This is with regard to his new set of ads for the Airtel Champions League T20. India’s greatest actor is trying hard to get the excitement levels of cricket fans soaring with his histrionics. The first time I saw the ad I was in awe of the kind of energy this 67 year old guy possessed. Subsequently it just got funny. He starts off decently by downplaying the achievements of the top three teams of the IPL and urging them to raise their standards. But soon a flaming ball comes into his hand and Bachchan saab loses it and he goes “aaaaaarrrrrrggghhhh”. Personally I think it’s the trauma of losing the ball that causes this sudden bout of insanity. The ball disappears and he suddenly turns into Wolverine, minus the claws, and starts lashing out at things around him. There is fire and destruction all around and this makes him lose it totally. He starts singing the song “Muquala Muquabulla” while clenching his teeth and doing some warm up exercises. What the frock?
All of sudden the ball appears in his hand and he just can’t contain his happiness. But the happiness doesn’t last too long. He goes “aaaaaarrrggghhh” all over again? What did I miss? You got the ball, now what do you want? Phew! With all due respect, I ask you Amitabh sir, why? Why would you do anything that the director asks you to?

Just when I thought this was the limit, I was hit on the head with a cricket bat by Andrew Symonds. The giant from Australia, who rarely even smiles, is lying in a bathtub filled with soap bubbles, playing with a rubber duck and singing, hold your breath, bheege honth tere from the movie murder. The phrase “imagination running wild” couldn’t be more apt here. Apparently there is more. AB senior has similar episodes with Gibbs and Ganguly which would be aired real soon. What wouldn’t these guys do for money and some air time?
Okay, while I find a way to kill myself I want you to go check these ads out. Why should I suffer alone?

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and nothing I say should be taken personally. If I have offended anybody by this article, I don’t give a rat’s ass. God bless you all.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nationalism – Boon or Bane? Part 3

Bharath responded to my statement “small changes at the grass root level” as an oxymoron. At the look of it, it sure is. Anantha hit the nail on the head by calling it “The Butterfly Effect”. For those of you not aware of this phenomena, I shall explain it at the end of this discussion.
The concept of borders seemed very nebulous at this stage. There had to be an answer or a pattern around which borders or boundaries were made because they were such an intrinsic part of our lives. Not before long a pattern seemed to discern. I talked about what I meant by nationalism being personal and then moved onto the issue of borders.

Nationalism – Boon or Bane? Part 2

Bharath was definitely excited about the intellectually stimulating discussion seeming to emerge and came back with his response. He didn’t find Anantha’s explanation incisive enough and found the points a little incongruous. The idea that nationalism is a personal opinion didn’t seem to go down very well with him and quite understandably. Nationalism is after all about unity and oneness.

Nationalism – Boon or Bane? Part 1

A pretty heavy topic for a 22 year old, isn’t it? Never thought I would ever dwell into these dreaded waters. I always thought of politics and such issues were the topics discussed by heavy smoking retired gentlemen playing bridge in the club who believe that they could change the world if only they had the chance. But thanks to one 26 year old genius from New York called Mark Zukerberg, co-founder of this funny sounding networking site whose name I keep forgetting, got some of my mates and me brain storming on the issue of nationalism. This discussion is probably responsible for me foraying into blogging to give my voice a larger audience.

I never expected that a status message put up ingenuously would turn into a serious discussion board where even the basic principles of nationalism would be questioned. It got me thinking about issues which we are expected to take for granted. A few of you have gone through the discussion and have liked certain comments but for those of you who haven’t, I would like to put up the discussion here. The main reason behind this is to encourage further debate and different views on this topic.

Before you start reading, let me add that this is an informal discussion which took place between friends on a social networking site so please excuse the syntax and semantics of language.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yet another attempt at blogging

My tryst with blogging has been an old one. I never had the time to maintain one. Busy with what? I just don’t seem to remember. Guess that is the funny thing about life. We always seem to be busy but very few things that we do are really worthwhile. In hindsight everybody is wiser. Or are we? I still keep whiling away my time under the context of being busy. How often have I postponed an activity just because I didn’t feel like doing it? Often I end up in my bed at night with the guilt of wasting yet another day pinching my insides and swearing that tomorrow is going to be a fresh start. “Make a timetable”, my mom tells me often. Apart from helping you organize your time it is a reminiscence of that feeling of guilt which acts as a stimulant to perform your tasks which are usually not very arduous. In more cases than not, we end up enjoying it.

What is the purpose behind this rant of mine? It is an appeal to all my fellow beings (especially the really jobless ones waiting for your call from TCS and various other companies) to shed the indolent lifestyle and pick up an avocation, maybe more, in addition to your daily chores. How often have we heard the cliché that life is too short. Guess what? It’s freakin’ true. I have taken up blogging again and am going to try to sustain it this time around. But I am not going to stop with blogging. This is just the start.

Let me know if you have taken up an avocation or if you plan to.