Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bring BQC Back – Well, it’s coming back!

BQC is coming back!
The phrase “Power to people” has been taken to a whole new level thanks to online social networking. The worthiest example being the recent series of revolutions in Egypt and other countries which were made possible thanks to social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter & blogs. They were used to mobilize people from all over the country and within a matter of days, years of tyranny had ended.

These e-revolutions or iRevolutions, as popularly called, have given people a new sense of belief, a belief to make a difference, even when it comes to less serious issues. So often we get exasperated by the helplessness of not being able to do what we want to. Not anymore! So when a youngster’s favourite television programme went off air, he didn’t just sit there disappointed, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

On April 24th 2011, there was a post on Gogo’s – “Bring BQC back”, which talked about the online campaign started on Facebook by Rahul Sethi to bring back one of India’s longest running and most loved television quiz show. Within no time, this Facebook page became a hub for likeminded quizzers who had fun posting and answering questions while working towards a common goal – to get Bournvita Quiz Contest Back on air.
It's true!

Eight months and 2 Lakh members later, they could no longer be ignored. Yes, it’s true; the initiative has finally reached fruition. Derek O'Brien has successfully managed to convince Cadbury to join in the movement to Bring BQC Back. The movement has even managed to rope in Colours TV as the broadcast partner. If all goes well, the Bournvita Quiz Contest should once again be India's favourite Sunday morning pastime.

Before you jump and take off your shirts to celebrate (Ganguly style) let me add that there is more. Now YOU can get to ask questions alongside the grandmaster of quizmasters, Derek O’Brien himself.  All you have to do is upload a video of you asking the question in a creative manner and share it here (ignore the last date, just send in the videos). The wackiest entries will be picked by Derek personally and the winners will get to be a Quizmaster on the show!

So what are you waiting for – get crazy and get on air.

Now start ripping those shirts in celebration. Yayyyy!!!
Don't miss it. Starts August 14th.


Priyanka said...

BQC was part of my childhood. So many memories...

I'm glad they are bringing it back:)

Chintan said...

power of blogging and facebook ;) I loved the show :)

Ashish Kalsi said...

@Priyanka --- I know. Though I was rooting for the movement for many months, I still had my doubts about it's effectiveness. I'm glad they proved me wrong. August 14th ...yayy!!

@Chintan --- Absolutely!! Finally something to look forward to on television again :)

SUB said...

really? that's great news...that's the power of networking...

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